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A discussion of mechanism of "ultradilution" / homeopathic "potentisation":
oscillating dipoles/quantum coherence domains, nano-particles, and such
Some Key Points



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The provenience of ultradilute IgE (Davenas et al [8]), some remarks.

Bruce Pomeranz lab was one of three labs that replicated the Beneveniste degranulation protocol. I have read on-line a critic/skeptic claiming that all replications were made by Davenas and only by Davenas. I was working in Pomeranz laboratory throughout this time period. As I remember, originally Pomeranz and Fortner went to Paris for two weeks to learn the protocol. Then, to begin with in our lab, the assay/anomaly/phenomena worked, manifested clearly perhaps 20-25% of the time. And therefore at some point Davenas came over to Toronto for two weeks to supervise and help us work out the kinks. While she was with us, supervising, the assay worked consistently (I believe the manifestation of the phenomenon during that time approached 100%). However, after Davenas left, over a period of about three weeks, our efficacy slowly then degrading back to the 20% we had previously seen.
(For a discussion of some implications see 2.)

The ability of water to carry complex signals:
the work of Emilio del Giudice
oscillating dipoles and "quantum coherent domains":

After quantum physicist, del Giudice, met Benveniste (9) he returned to Milan to ponder what might hold the signal. This led him to publish an article in Physical Review Letters (10): Water as a Free Electric Dipole Laser in 1988 (11) in which he demonstrated (mathematically) that oscillating dipoles might carry the relevant signals. He went on, over the decades to describe how coherent clouds of quasi-free electrons might hold such signals in Quantum Coherent Domains (CD).
          Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) models liquid water as containing zones of quasi-free electrons vibrating/resonating coherently (in a "self-trapped" or "non-vanishing" electromagnetic field). These CD are able to collect noise energy and transform it. And they are radiative, they broadcast. The quantum coherent domains are plasma-like.
          I am still digesting/ processing this information. So far, I believe he is saying that water will mirror the vibration of the molecules it encounters (further, "interfacial water should be almost completely coherent."); and that while the CDs radiate e.m. signals, the CDs are also re-energizing from incident "noise". He is, however, describing these as properties of common or garden water. It's not a special properties of ultradilute/ potentised water. But again, it's not necessarily a property of bulk water. It starts where water meets something. Where it meets stuff it vibrate. These are properties that do allow water to carry and maintain information. But, note again, he is not discussing ultradilution/ potentisation. (12, 13)
(See also notes in Appendix 1)

  D. has asked me for a user friendly definition of Coherent Domains. I am working on it...
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  8: Davenas et al: Human basophil degranulation triggered by very dilute antiserum against IgE: Nature, vol 333, p.816-818, 30th June 1988.
9: (Pomeranz was at this meeting: and this is while I was a research associate of Pomeranz )
10: THE most important physics journal!
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