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A discussion of mechanism of "ultradilution" / homeopathic "potentisation":
oscillating dipoles/quantum coherence domains, nano-particles, and such
Some Key Points



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and finally,
remember "standing waves"?
are they our "non-vanishing" e.m. fields,
pulsing dipoles, quasi-plasmal music, biological songs,
Mae-Wan Ho's quantum jazz?


Appendix 1:

Emelio del Giudice, as far as I know, after he was introduced to Benveniste and his work in the mid 1980s, he set about explaining the signals in water, firstly in terms of oscillating dipoles(17), later elaborated into the discussion of "quantum coherence domains". I believe that del Giudice's models(18) may allow for, and explain, the harmonic nature of ultradiluted/potentised signals(1).

further notes on coherent systems in water from Del Giudice et al: Coherent structures in liquid water close to hydrophilic surfaces (18).

"Because of the coherence the vortices have no internal friction…" they "therefore have a very long lifespan." Further, "the CD becomes a device able to transform ambient noise, namely an ensemble of a large number of low frequency excitations into a unique high frequency excitation." And, "the plasma driven by the coupled e.m.f . could "run away" from the initial perturbative regime and transit to a coherent state where all charges oscillate in unison, in tune with a coherent resonating e.m.f. at a common pulsation !r = j1o j-j!R <! R : " And, "When coherence emerges, the energy of the system decreases and consequently the new coherent configuration is protect against instabilities…"

"… liquid water, made up of Coherence Domains, contains a pool of almost free electrons [0.8 electrons per water molecule] and correspondingly an ensemble of almost free protons (the widows of the quasi-free electrons)…" and I think he is saying that the "oscillation of the solid surface charges" and the "quasi-free charges of the water CDs … self-adjust … parameters in order to produce a resonance between the two charged ensembles…" That the water CD tune to whatever is in them, and whatever they are in!

(I think, that what is happening in the Coherent Domains is a patterning of (quantum)dipoles: del Giudice does speak of "the CD electric dipoles")

And back to del Giudice and Tedeschi's paper (13): "The coherent oscillations produces an ensemble of quasi-free electrons, able to collect noise energy from the environment... : ... The size of the extended space region where this phase locking occurs is the wavelength [gamma] of the e.m. mode resonating with the oscillation... : ... interfacial water should be almost completely coherent ... " They speak of "water radiative dipole." And ... "At room temperature each water CD includes about five millions of molecules."
          And finally: "An ensemble of water CDs traversed by the same flow of energy and in contact with the same biomolecules gets then a chance, according to the general theorm of Preparata, to develop in turn a coherence producing a coherent set of coherence domains. This process can further iterate producing a hierarchy of levels of coherence, that starting from the tiny domains of water molecules large 0.1 mm could reach eventually the size of cells, organs, tissues, plants, animals, ecosystems." And I would imagine that this then means that we can comtemplate the i
ncorperation of subharmonics into these systems and the ultradilution phenonena.

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  17: Del Giudice: Water as a Free Electric Dipole Laser: Physical Review Letters: 29 Aug. 1988, 61:9:1085-88
18: Journal of Physics: Conference Series 442 (2013) 012028
13: Del Giudice and Tedeschi: Water and the Autocatalysis in Living Matter, Electromagnetic biology and Medicine 2009 28:1



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