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three thoughts
in search of the mind


in the weave of the world
this does not explain "knowing"

does "knowing" exist
in the "possible" watching
willing in the weave of the world
as it unfolds

so that we exist in the
"observing it happen"
a "quantum" phase (forgive me)
we watch it happen
watch with will
observing acting
and without us barren moonscape

in us cultures civilizations academies
wars rumours of wars
and by jolly it is indeed "quantum"
(the "how it comes
came out of nothing")
in pixels of energy

oh our visual fields
aren't really just pixels
they are patterned and smudged iterations
of a something that is happening somewhere
sliding down time


so "knowing" exist possibly
in the waves
in the fields of probability

in the weave of the world


being is because       though

the "possible" is an abstraction
a "what could be"       yet

everything is in the possible
that's what there is

until it happens
then it's in stone

dead and gone

out of the possible
into the was


why did the stone go from "the possible" to "was"
without passing through "is"? she asked
because "is" may just be "maybe" collapsing into "gone"
oh! except in the mind

remember those visual fields
that aren't just pixels
but are "patterned and smudged iterations
of a something that is happening somewhere
sliding down time"

the neural process is indeed intrinsically a process,
smeared over time, no stage in itself complete* :
and that is quite special:
so maybe "mind" is still in the "possible",
unfolding, even while it happens

visual fields (for an example)
begin as a page of pixels
    that give rise, through a lateral inhibitory process,
        so that's two "iterations" of the visual field,
        still in the retina,
    to domains accenting contrast
then on through the optic chiasm
    fibers interspersing to project up by the brain
    an iteration compounding both eyes
a fourth iteration (in the "visual cortex")
    brings linear boundaries
a fifth movement and direction
and how many more before
    cat sees dog or mouse
all of this "sliding down time"

and where is the world seen?
in the neural maps?
or electromagnetic fields?
and how long was this phrase in your mind?

it's the stretch of the process
its depth in time
where root and branch join all phases
from "possible" to "was"
that's unique in this world
beyond rock and computer
a tangle of activity stretched through a multiplex moment
   free from was and maybe




* see iteration in the CNS  ("sliding down time")







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