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new (and recent) poems

untitled: three young women...    may 2017

notes for my bro seth:    mar 2017

when Lucky met Chase:  mar 2017 (finally)

we are like a sphere of light
and our wounds tune us
:    feb 2017

harm: first (try to) do no...:   30th jan 2017

I think it is called
"poem with a lot of footnotes"
but "cuddles`` for short
:            jan 2017

sentimentally : for Donald      nov 2016

three thoughts: in search of the mind:   august 2016
(this incorperates in the weave of the world) i
he weave of the world)d "this does

in the weave of the world:  mar 2016

didn't the days:  revised mar 2016

wikisay domain walls:  jan 2016

subtitled: platonically:   dec 2015

untitled: of course: ...     july 2015

untitled: I don't know what I...    may 2015

inside out upside down:   may 2015

untitled: the divine may 2015

lost and found:
intentions, agendas,
(unconscious mental formations)
: april 2015

beagle burning: reletively recent

temper: the poem:    jan 2015

: dec 2014

whose voice is this: nov 2014

Puppy Love Poem:    oct 2014

ekphrases:    aug 2014

wikisays: Nirvana Nibbana:      aug 2014

beagle, burning
: feb 2014

three sayings of the hipaccurate:    feb 2017



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