Norman Allan
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 Infinite Nonsense

Whose brain is it,
out in space,
in the infinite universes?
In the multiplex creations
there's a billion zillion of everything,
gazillions of everything repeat
in every shade and variation.
Infinity's that big, he said.
But if there's Shakespeare,
a billion Shakespeares,
its easier, at random, to just
generate McDuff's brain,
rather than a whole McDuff.
So the multiverse folk
have sundry disembodied
Shakespeare's brains
just hanging in space,
and lobes and lobes
to infinity.

All those monkeys typing away
in search of Hamlet
and his ghost.

But it's not like that,
the worlds without end.
Just because it's big
doesn't mean it's absurd.
There are infinite glorious unique cosmi
and no room left over
for my green eyes, my blue eyes, my hazel.

Ah and its Boltzmann's brain.
How could I forget?

Okay, say there are infinite worlds,
worlds without end,
you see,
there are an infinite number of impossibilities
between one world and the next,
and while the worlds that unfold are imponderable,
unfold they do.
They just don’t spring anew.
So in the multifold creations
there is infinite room for stuff,
but no place for nonsense
outside the brain.


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