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Norman Allan : the story

chapter 9    errors

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chapter 9: e  rrors

Chapter nine may be running astray…

while writing it, I tumbled on an error      of mine      here in these floating speculations speculations towards explaining so much stuff:.
                    dowsing, for example
                    and why schools of fish can turn on a dime (1), and
The error, the one relevant here?        We'll come to it…

I've gone a somewhat astray a few times. Given a very enthusiastic "that's interesting!" to something complex and/or doubtful. (2) (3)



The painting, though, I think it's fan.effing.tastic. Sometimes.

I rather like one of the paint/drawings I did last Sunday.

Oh, and I'm taking a homeopathic remedy!

Jacinta had a troubling cough. I was going to do an exchange with Ananda (4)…           she would take Jacinta's case,        but that past      time is passing here     so,        instead she, Ananda,    took my case…      and prescribed

           lac. lup. high (1M)

 Lac. lup.     wolf's milk        I can think of few things more intrinsically nurturing. (5)  


However, this wolf image I borrowed from a homeopathic page doesn't look particularly nurturing -  I couldn't find any images of wolves nursing - except of Romulus and Remus. The nearest thing to that oxytocin image of a nurturing
she wolf I know was my Lucky rolled on his back

I've started to link my "borrowed" images back to their source pages. (6)  referencing my "stolen" images ; click on them.  (I need an intern to back track through eight bloody chapters... )







Wolf's milk       taken homeopathically      1M is diluted one part in a hundred (and then succussed) a thousand times.(7)    So      that's harmonies of the wolf's milk     
very high and all the way through to very low frequency vibrations     echoing in the bones!    through the whole body. Those crystal in the bone - living crystals - are singing with the remedy. (though we have to remember, and check out, orders of magnitude           always)

Back in February 1989: I chased a puzzle in the library       bone crystals
All the books on crystals started with "the Einstein equations"(8)    I'm a simple neurophysiologist and alternative clinician. I needed some help, you may imagine.


     I talked to a physicist.(9)     In my mind, now, this occurred during those four seminal days following MAME's visit, but as I remember we talked about the Pons Fleischmann's "cold fusion" cell     -
 another "anomaly", as startling and potentially important as MAME's dot blots. The Fleischmann Pons "cold fusion" cell electrolysed "heavy water" using a palladium cathode: and more energy came out than went in; much more. OK - the water heated up in an unaccountable manner. It could be cold fusion, they hypothesised! but!

              but this all hit the fan in late March 1989…

and then, like Benveniste's ultradilution, disappeared -

Oh: here is an aside worth the journey. (10)

My physicist (11) said the Pons Fleischmann cells was of interesting because here in UofT's reactor there was too much tritium(12), more than theory allowed, more than can be explained. Some sort of fusion?
       "You see here's where I find the ultradilution, the micro-patterning, interesting," I said. "Imagine your heavy water, hydrogen-2, deuteron,     two atoms of deuteron, aligned just so, close up and intimate/intricate with the surface field of the palladium cathode and arranged just so in the pattern of that field - you put those two atoms proton neutron  proton neutron    just so    and you might get your cold fusion     your transmutation    into here Helium     and energy (your E = mc2 ). But then you change something in the lab - turn off/or on, a light, and the shape of the field changes."
Mostly, though, we talked about crystals       and orders of magnitude     Oh, and the physicist told me I should start by reading Feynman lectures. "If you can read all three volumes you'll have more than the equivalent of a Ph.D. in physics," he said. "And it will take three years," I thought.
       Back in the library, I worked my way through Feynman's first chapter on electricity, gnaugh! - then thumbed through that tome, flicking the pages my attention was pulled to the following: (with reference to "rectangular waves") in a coaxial cable, as an oscillating signal increases in frequency the electrical resistance rapidly falls to zero. For a high frequency signal a coaxial cable acts as a superconductor. But collagen is a coaxial system… (Ah! but it isn't, oh, but maybe its just a para.mega.axial thing )
         Now, 25 years later, I realise I may simply be in error here -   another "Darwin on the Bounty" moment. "Co-axial" is like your antenna wire, concentric. and the collagen is multi-axial - but then "they" do talk of paraxial systems. (13)
Anyway, between the (14) strands of protein there is a viscus fluid matrix of mega-gigantic "hyaluronate" molecules (a proteoglycans) (15), and someone (16) has modelled the electrical behaviour of bone in terms of "streaming potentials", an electrical phenomenon that occurs when the large charged proteoglycans stream past the collagen wires. But I stray.     

      The collagen wires may (or may not) behave in a coaxial manner (17) (and with high frequency signals these wires may therefore superconductors). Oh, orders of magnitude! might …   confound it, or not.     The rectilinear waves may be my "folly",
         but the crystals are all vibrating, and resonating: all those iterative iterations… we have to talk a bit about iterations

Okay, (with or without super conductance), the bone crystals, millions of them, billions, are vibrating, resonating all over the effing body! That mother is alive! The skeleton, it's sing these songs… (18) vibrates, mate… its vibrating
Think for a moment about some science fiction brain reading helmet - a skull cap with hundreds of sensors, thousands of sensors, reading the electrical activity of the brains surface:       but the skull itself - the "calvarium" - that bone is myriad crystal chips transducing the electrical responses of the EM field around them, transducing, resonating, vibrating and transmitting, mate!…. I'm boggled     (with or without superconductors!)      (maybe the effing minds in here! bouncing in these resonances)     in the vibes man....

Back for a moment to my personal story, my remedy. You take the remedy in a clean mouth, dissolving it under the tongue, not into the blood… no, radiating there in the bottom of your mouth, in the arena of the mandible, under the dome of the palate - thrilling the skeleton with its song…
        and echoing in the nervous system ? how

        Wolf's milk.
        I came off coffee - because coffee reputedly neutralizes many remedies. On the second day without coffee I had quite a nasty pain in my neck, that flared to a migraine's stabbing ache. And then next morning was gone. I reported this to Ananda as a possible "aggravation" (19) "No," said Ananda. "That's much more likely a coffee withdrawl." (20)

      I'm ten days into the remedy now, and remarked today to Ananda, "Apart from the coffee withdrawal neck pain and headache, there have been no dramatic symptoms, aggravations…"
      "That's ideally how the remedies work," said Ananda. "What did you want from the cure?"
       "To be happier."
       Ananda smiled.

Iterations:    when I talk here about iterations, what the            are we talking about?

Ia: we talked first of iterative functions in chapter three, referring to the Julia sets and the Mandelbrot set where you keep repeating f(z) = z2 + c again and again and generate the Julia sets and the Mandelbrot set which describes them. (21)
Ib: Langton's ant, with its emergent phenomenon, described another very simple iterative behaviour illustrating the dialectic: that simple generates complex very quickly.

Ic: Poincare's recurrence was a third example of iterative behaviour.

then there's:

II: homeopathic potentisation: ultradilutions

So far, though, none of these are natural systems. But then…

III: then there's the nervous system     in several ways… (22)   For example….

IIIa: In the neural organisation of vision we see multiple sequential neural representations of the visual field. Between each of these successive levels of visual analysis the information is "processed":        successive levels (successive mappings of the visual fields) are iterations of the informational field/matrix,
each is similar in many ways to the field from which it derived but it's evolved and different, (23) and of course with a small temporal delay so that these iterations, this information processing, is falling down time.
       And which of these iterations iterations of the visual field is The "Visual Field", is vision itself? Not necessarily any one of them. Possibly the resonance of all of them.         where?

IIIb: So we have all these iteration of neural information falling down time - and not just our visual matrices - there are many other body maps (somatotopic maps). the primary sensory and motor cortex,       and "associative" sensory and motor cortex, and many somatotopic maps in the cerebellum, and in the thalamus, and the basal ganglia, and the spine itself (there is a little fusiform homunculus in the spine) again with successive iterations of neural process.

IV: in the human genome over 98% is "noncoding DNA" - much of this is multiple (apparently non-functioning) near replications of functional genes.

V: the bone crystal matrices     
iterative?    you betcha mate!  you betcha

VI: are Wilbur's hierarchical realms iteration? surely ; whatever is going on in the body, echoes in the emotional and the mental (and in the "energetic", the "subtle", the "astral", the "causal", whatever those might be).

VII: oh, and what about those Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meridian and chi? and the ayurvedic prana chakras systems, which are completely different (24)? I don't know, mate…. There may be dozens of "energetic" layers.
 VIII: and our human lives are in some sense iterative      things happen again and again…

IX: then there are cultures/societies     we are bouncing stuff around     it reiterates

X: (25) and evolution! my God!    Darwinian evolution     natural selection!
the great iterative process!     that's your archetypal iteration, mate ! ...
XI: and then some iterative processes are of no particular signifigance. (Puppys and kittens soon see that mirrors are unreal illusions. [My Lucky sniffed the picture of a dog, and then looked at me to see if I was joking.])
Before I get to the last bit (of this chapter), I should say that I'm doing this (session/layer of)    editting this chapter     on my bed in my room,    which I've just smudged. (26)



I want to finish off this chapter talking for a moment about Brian Goodwin… scouting for an image takes me to wiki…       and I find he has gone       2009 (27)        tears for you, mate…     Brian was at Sussex when I was doing my Ph.D.    He told me my system, the baby bird calls, were non-linear phenomenon         in the 1960s         Said my oscillators    those that were modeling the baby chick's vocal behaviour - they were non-linear he said ….    many many things (most, even?)  in the natural world are non-linear    its where there is interaction, where thing feed back     affect each other   (its what they call "chaos theory", but "complex" is a better discriptor.)        then I bumped in to Brian [25 years later] in the UofT library! he was working with Bruce's physicist (28)     He, Brian, told me about EPR, Bell;s Theorum    ….entanglement, you know. you know entanglement may only be a rare exceptional thing . when two things    two electrons are created in the same occurrence (Dan Macdonald (DM) points that everything was created together in the Big bang)
Then decades again later I looked up Brian   in London       to talk to him about the dot blots     I'm always looking for ways to…      but    I'm sometimes ADH sloppy at following thing through     (oh, that's worth a chapter in book two: secrets…)  

I looked Brian up to try and get him interested in    and his help with     this most amazing thing!!!   the ultradilution       met up with him    where he worked   a
t the Open University,          across the street from Euston Station, wasn't it?


Brian told me all sorts of interesting stuff, oh some approaching the importance of non-linear phenomena    and   and/or entanglement        but he wouldn't listen.   couldn't hear              
I was so sad             (and pissed?       disappointed   )

leaving, crossing to Euston       passing a little Parkette,     with a dog…      
I stopped and wrote ...      "all these lines don't meet..."


is there a word for the absence of resonance?

all these lines don't meet

the dog in the park
he's a stranger

decades of effort
to get back here
a wasted journey
the water's flowing
and you are nothing but a dream

i pick up the pieces
put them away
and hope that you'll be there
another day

there is no reason
in this embedded universe
no reason
just rhyme

is "irresonance" a word?
is "irresonance" a word?
is "irresonance" a word?
is "irresonance" a word?
is "irresonance" a word?
is "irresonance" a word?
is "irresonance" a word?
is "irresonance" a word?
is "irresonance" a word?

is "irresonance" a word?
is "irresonance" a word?

is "irresonance" a word?
is "irresonance" a word?


chapter 10:

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 and then today/this Sunday     nope, it's yesterday      I got to paint...       awe 
 oh, and go and look at my Tahnee page. It's wonderful.


this last is something started perhaps two years ago, but finished today




chapter 10:

contents and chapter 1