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Norman Allan : the story

chapter 10: full circle

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      As I hope I have explained in an entertaining vein
The most important bit of my story
is the ultradilute dot blots because…
because they are socially important
they are a new science and and the key to the mind?

they could change the world for the better.
And there are just three bits left to tell (for now) ….

not including…

The status of the ultradilute Southern dot blot
back in 1991      four people had done the experiment
in the old Botany Building   University and College.
It was robust.      And Eweida tried again in the
new Earth Science building, where to begin with
it was fragile and troublesome: but he got it!
It worked, he could do it again. (and)
 Nature sat on MAME's submission for four months,
half a year's delay?
, and then rejected it,
and when Science (2) passed too,
AbouHaider lost interest. He not enjoy controversy
and there were (other) fish for the table that he wanted to fry..

So what did I do about it? What ever I could, but …
but what …
  I met Elizabeth Huston in 1991 (3)    
she had just submitted her Ph.D. thesis  
at Guy's Hospital London
, and was interested
in filling in some time, research wise
she was off to California in a while, but meanwhile
she was interested in homeopathy
We went and talked to AbouHaidar
he said, "If you are going to try to do the ultradilute Southern dot blots, do it here,"
and he gave us the assistance of a lab technician
who had worked with Mohammed Ewieda.

It takes three and one and two hours on successive days
to do a dot blot…        three trips to, and stints in, the lab.
Elizabeth (and I) tried perhaps half a dozen times,
and in several manners,
but didn't see the phenomenon.
      "But," said Liz, "they do bucket chemistry!"

(Were the power lines outside the window just my paranoia.)

Decades later (1.7 decades?) I was griping (on the phone, to my sister)
to Julie (we so rarely speak…) I moaned, "I don't know how to get the dot blots out, out there. And it's so important. I want to write it for… I need someone who knows how to write for the New Yorker…" (5) And Julie said "Try writing it for someone who will publish what you write. Try writing it for the homeopathic literature."

OMG, but that is so effing obvious! (18 years on)

In 2006/7 I wrote a letter in the British Homeopathic Journal (6).  
When they sent me notification that they would publish the letter,   
I was so elated -        for two hours...

so what… so what….

so what to do? We'll I've tethered the tale to TAiS !
and if that brings me fame…. Inchallah                          then

And I'm tell the story here…         tell a friend!

The last piece here of the ultradilution story is how it ties into the mind.
        One of the reasons Why MAME's ultradilution is so important is that so many people think that thinking/experiencing, that that information is digital,


discrete, quantal, binary, 0s and 1s e.g IOIIO "digital" they say
and that's not helpful because it isn't      110100 010    00101
 (it's poly-discriminative - it's not just yes and no, 1 and 0, left and right, dark and light, top and bottom, hot or cold, red or not red: experience is not binary… it's multidimensional. many quala mate (Oh, and the special magical spacial coordinates in binary code (there just code in the code) space isn't in the code! it's in the hardware, the screen! it's patterning space) It's pattern, mate! It's patently  
pattern pattern pattern). "Mind" may mean awareness and "mind" means "mental stuff" (7), experiencial "information" is not digital. It's a song, a symphony. ("Songs, symphonies, can be digital." No, mate! They can be digitalized! but the music, itself, is heard!

This is not music.
It is an annotation.

Music is
you listen to.

The annotation
is something you read.

The map
is not
the terrain

Music, and other mental formations, are not digital (in essence).
"Statistical" stuff
your every day stuff (everything a few orders of magnitude above quantal)
is analog baby, and experienced as qualities, and patterns
                                             Bach        Bach         Bach

is a rose
is a rose
is a rose
Mind? The search for the mind?      like a kitten chasing it's tail 

winter 2011












Okay. The dot blots...    That's the most important part of my story....

another part of my story, though, is the painting/drawing,
It's the thing I do best   I was saying    and it's wonderful to watch this ...
this ...     this beauty unfold …(footnote: the ink blots, how they would unfold...

and this, below, I just finished this... I loved it when I first painted it
in the winter of 2011 (3 years ago), but the hands didn't work
(see the illustration to the right). Still, I felt it heralding a new, a new...
despite the hands...:


the hands still are weird, but now they work where they were
completely wally (and Englishism, meaning stupid)

I took the sander to it!



Oh, and I took the sander to the Leda Swan (homage a Dali) that was in the Garden (when the paintings just don't work I will but them out to weather for a year or two, and then maybe work on them later), and brought it in doors. (Ez said he liked it (out there in the back), so I gave it to him (he plans to take it next visit), and now it is ready.)


Some part of my life is "herbal"/medicinal… sacred, you know.
Will we speak about that in book two: secrets:   chapter x, stoner ?
      and the past life    chapter y ?
      and the psychic lover    partner      chapter z
      and will I, dare I write a "wankers" chapter?
you… we    will have to wait and see.

       and me and my dad     and the cringiest thing I ever… chapter what...
I have to ask Karin if I can speak of that...

Oh Ezra.

         I thought I'd be writing this story for Jacinta, and Lawrence (Lawrence thinks my poses suck! but he thinks I paint like Tom Tompson and Shilling (I must visit the Colville exhibition: I keep putting it off).
Ah, Ez, I put Bach on, cello, as I sit… recline here writing to you on the 3rd (and the 6th of) December 2014, lord lord, Alohem, Ja, singing the Name. Aloha!

When Ezra was my "Yoga teacher",   
he'd have me high and have me recite, after him, "I Norman (or whomever)   I am the Light    I am Shiva    I am Christ.


Will I sleep in the master bedroom tonight? mañanas tomorrow, in a minute...

Sunday, 6th December. Fell asleep on the bed, in my cloths. (intentionally so. Toe in the water.) Slept till two. (Then moved to the small room. So far, so good.)

The next chapter will be         book two: secrets, chapter one: Maybe Cynthia. (9)   I have to tell that story…
~ whereas TAiS (10) tells the most interesting and exciting story I know...     
~ and Norman Allan: the story, book one, Beyond Substance tells the most amazing and important story I know...      and I hope you will now agree  
~ Maybe Cynthia is the funniest story that I know (in which I am involved).

Meanwhile, back in chapter effing ten: the end of book one: beyond substance … there's one more bit to that tale to tell …       the mind (bit)


Other things that I need to wrap up here in chapter ten: - well, the lurgi:
       I'd not slept in the bedroom since September 7th/8th -
it's December 3rd as I write this. I lay on the bed last week while editing,
and yesterday reclined reading, and napped (and again another yesterday, writing this long hand). So far so good...

Sunday, 7th December: I slept in the bedroom last night.
          "Good night. Sleep tight. Don't let the…"            So far so good.
And the dot blots.

One way I think ultradilution may be pivotally important is as a key to understanding "mind".   Why?    When we take a case (as a homeopath) we give enormous weight to "mentals" (e.g. emotion,
personality, thoughts...).    So, that suggests a commonality between emotions, thoughts, mental stuff and the remedies, these distillations of the songs of things, the vibrations of salt, or chamomile, for instance.
     The homeopathic remedies are patterns: these patterns can manifest spatially (c.f. Hans Jenny) or temporally (like music, a fugue or symphony)



The mind, then, is pattern...

and music,
perhaps it's best metaphor..

While I was writing chapter nine, I thought, for a day and then fading, that I had "met the Devil" in the weave …. Earlier in this writing I may have cast a challenge when saying… as I've had a "sign" from "spirit" (and as that implies "God"): and no sign, yet, though, of the Devil… and then the spiteful spiders started chewing (and the wasp, and the lurgi?).
      Thinking I had met the Devil (in the devil's mint tea):  -   
one, I realized I needed to start a second volume to tell that story,          
and two; I proposed a deal to the Devil   -   I would write the story of our meeting (should that Our be capitalized if it includes Him?) I would write the story of Our meeting, and hope that 'ould pay his fee.

A question about morals and morality: Was Nature's Maddox malicious?

I will deal with the devil again, for sure, in the next book when I talk about secrets. No secrets in book one: beyond substance. I want it to be an open book… and here to close it...
 Come Clouds

come clouds now that we are ready
eclipse our too planned joy
tomorrow we will plan again

today's already gone along with childhood
back into the vaults
of    would be
might       and

grey clouds
blue clouds
peach sky
willow tree
and rain

tomorrow we will plan again.
 book two: secrets
chapter one: Maybe Cynthia

I wanted to speak
of Sylphie Pookins,
and the
spooky guy's
Hirakan Baba
doing Shiva

and that's Darrell
and his ashes,
in tiffin...


who killed the cat?

in book two: secrets,


7th Dec 2014