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Pattern and Resonance
in the Natural World

There is the world and there is the mind.
One of the things that they have in common is pattern.
The mind looks for pattern. It sees meaning in patterns.


Patterns are not necessarily radially or bilaterally symmetrical.
They are not necessarily repetitive,
though we use the word, pattern, in one sense to speak of repetition,
or the manifestation of a formula (the formula then determines the pattern)

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Patterns may be pulsings.
Music is an exemplary pulsing pattern
(one that only exists in the mind).

The world, they say,
the material world of matter and energy that exists,
that is happening, in time and space,
is a pattern of vibrating, pulsing, things.

Pattern and resonance play an intrinsic role
in the organisation of the natural world
and our existence.

As an introduction to pattern and resonance in the natural world
homeopathy, as you will see, is an interesting place to start.

Ultradilute homeopathic DNA
can bind its substantive, labeled, complementary, cDNA.

That is what you are looking at here,
a "Southern dot-blot" of ultradilute DNA
binding its labeled, substantial cDNA

This phenomenon is explained in some detail in the essay,
Beyond Substance, which is
chapter one of this dissertation
(but you might want to wait till I say, "Simon says...", before you click to go there) .

This fact,

this occurrence, has important implications

As explained in chapter one,
homeopathy involves harmonic and sub harmonic iteration of patterns,
pulsing patterns of electrical dipoles,
and this pattern can bind DNA
for that matter it can change somebody’s health and symptoms…

That this is a harmonic overlay we see
in the fact that it is
only at particular intervals
that the pattern comes back into
space-charge-congruence with the original pattern.

(we might imagine these patterns of vibrating dipoles to be like snowflakes)

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In classical homeopathy, when we "repertorise",
when we take a case and look for a patient’s constitutional remedy
particular weight is given to "mental" symptoms,
that is to personality, to styles of expression of emotion,
and even to dreams, images, and thoughts.

If the homeopathic remedy is as we have seen a pattern
and if this pattern is resonating with "mind",
this surely implies that "mind" is in some sense pattern,

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and if we want to understand this pattern
it may be a good idea to try to understand just what these
homeopathy patterns are, what they constitute, what they imply...

(Simon says click now to read Chapter One: "Beyond Substance")

Where are they, these homeopathic patterns?
When we take a homeopathic remedy where and how does it manifest in the body?
One place we should expect to find them is in the bones,
as is explained in
chapter two: Living Crystals

Bones are a "meta-crystals",
a lattice of two crystals
- liquid crystal collagen fibrils and
gem-hard apatite a calcium phosphate hydrate crystal chips -

Crystals are "piezoelectrical": they transduce incident energy - electromagnetic radiation into mechanical and electrical energy; charge into photon and phonon - so a mechanical energy impinging on the body, a sound for instance, will be transduced to electrical charge and radiation.

And a coaxial system, like the collagen in bone, acts as super-conductors for high frequency signals (a "rectilinear wave" phenomenon). So homeopathic signals will be transduced and will then echo in the bones with no loss of energy.

The bones are our subtle electrical sensors, though all the molecules - lipid membranes, DNA, et cetera - vibrate (resonate), as does the mind… The body is a complex vibrational system with complex resonances (as is the mind)

(Simon says click now to read Chapter Two "Living Crystals")

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When we say "complex" just what do we mean?
Chapter three  discusses the complexity (and the complexity of complexity), the dialectic as explained by Hegel and Marx (the whole beginning greater then the sum of its parts) and as seen in life and mind and pattern, in Hamlet and the mandelbrot
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(Simon says click now to read Chapter Three: "Complexification")

Patterns: fields and matrices of complex patterned energy (embedded in matter)
Can a pattern exist in abstract?….the formula exists timelessly
they say in abstract, in principle, but it must be processed to manifest in matter and in perception. Pattern manifests in the nervous system. What can we say of that?

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Chapter four discusses neural nets and matrices. One interesting thing that we see in neural function is an iterative process tumbling down time through resonant fields - neural functions have a duration over time, as does experience. Neural patterns are smeared over time, not existing in a single instant, but holding together moments, holding the past in the present, binding moments together, creating duration

Experience is a sliding slice of time in which what is happening?  Experience may involve a perception, a sensing and  meaning,  judgment, dicision, impulse, acting - a knew and a doer.  Where?  The doer manifests in the actions of the body and these occur in interactions with the world (in time and space)

(Simon says click now to read Chapter Four: "Neural Nets")                                       

All the patterns we have been discussing occur spread over time: where is this extension over time taking place? I don’t know, yet: it would seem to be in the mind (the cosmic mind?). So lets step back a pace. In the material world of matter and energy can  we imagine there are relatively instantaneous patterns?
(But can they instantaneous? Vibrations only exist as behaviour over time, not in the instant). Where is this external, real, material world happening? These patterns in the material world, the s.t.e.m. world of space time energy matter, are here, out there, in front above below and behind us.  I guess the question then is "where is the s.t.e.m world of space time energy matter?" "Stuff" in the material universe is happening in two spaces! Physics in 2000 sees the material world as existing in three outward, extended dimensions and also in six inwardly curled infinitesimal small dimensions...
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Chapter five: supersymetrical Strings, describes the new physics. The two pillars of 20th century physics, "relativity" and "quantum physics" are mutually incompatible.  They may be reconciled if we model the universe, its energy and matter, as being infinitesimally small vibrating things, things that in a first approximation may be modeled as strings, strings vibrating in the 3 extended dimensions (and in time), but also vibrating in 6 infinitesimally small inward dimensions.

(Simon says click now to read Chapter Five: "Strings")

And where is this inward space?
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The small space is here, everywhere,
and here [in both spaces (extended and unextended)]
is where the Universe began
and always is, here, at the centre - everything else is expanding away from here
and is thus apparently vanishing,        f l e e  i   n     g

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Just as the vibrating things, which they've modeled as strings, are not in themselves the extended dimensions but rather vibrate in them, and the extended dimensions encompass the universe, so too
I am compelled to conceive the inward dimensions encompass the universe. The inward space is almost infinitely small, but everything, the whole universe is encompassed in it (and, incidentally, the vibrating things, all the matter and energy, tend to encompass various dimensions of the inner space, they actually embrace the whole universe).

So inward there is a world mote, cosmic mote, with virtually no space no distance across it, or rather almost infinitesimally small "unit space", quantal space, where everything is overlapping, all the vibrating strings and membranes that are the matter and energy of the material universe.   In it the universal mote are the myriad things - the atoms of the myriad things, the strings - overlapping but distinct in their vibrations and interacting, if at all, through resonance, surely.  This cosmic mote, this one speck was what started happening when God, so to speak, beat the gong and set it pulsing(see the tone of the cosmic background radiation), turning into the many at the commencement, the Big Bang was here, right here, from where everything started fleeing in every extended direction.  Nexi of space/matter, clusters of galaxies, held together (not fleeing like the rest) by gravity, the gravity of the invisible dark matter

and in these nexi

patterns formed

and in the interaction of these patterns,
in their resonance,
the world is bound together in an informational flux.

a flux of information

but who is it whom experiences this information?
who peeks from the dolmen arch?

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