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Of interest, apropos of the frailty of MAME's ultradilute dot-blot :-

when Pomeranz lab was trying to replicate Benveniste in 1987, '88, for the most part the assay, the phenomenon, was not robust. The phenomenon would be seen perhaps a third, or a quarter, of the time, only.
      So, iIn the winter of '88 Elizabeth Davenas, Benveniste's "technician", came to Toronto for two weeks to get or assay up to speed, to teach Patrisha Fortner (our "technician") the exact procedure. While she was here the assay was robust. We saw they phenomenon all the time. When she left the phenomenon continued (there was no fraud, no hoax), however, it's robustness decayed over a period of about three weeks, after which we ended up back where we started with a frail one in three, one in four, occurance of the phenomenon. In Pomeranz lab the procedure was not robust. There is an interesting parallel here to MAME's experience in their now lab. Ther are some important unknown parameters at play in ultradiltion, homeopathy.


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