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a realisation about the actually remarkable
congruence between Benveniste's IgE and Eweida's DNA dot blot















Just the other day (15th June 2016) I had the realization that Benveniste's data and Eweida's dot blot data are two views of the same elephant!
      We see that ultradilute IgE signals are maximally active when Poincare's recurrence is full, but that there is some activity even at intermediate iteration where we may imagine that the congruence of the recurrence is only partial, Meanwhile
, we may indeed expect that with the DNA dot blot the recurrence must be quite complete, quite exact, in order for the ultradilute signal to bind its specific cDNA.
      So (only) now I have an explanation why in the dot blots not infrequently two adjacent iterations are active. (And on one sample I saw there was once three adjacent active iterations.) If you cut of the bottom (the less active iterations) of Benveniste's data, it then closely conforms to the dot blot data!





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