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The cockney alphabet

A is for horses‘ay is for horses
B for mutton beef or mutton
C for yourself see for yourself
D for enshaldifferential (deforential)
Ef’ a brick heave a brick
F for vescent effervescent
G fo’ the whole brigadechief of the whole effing army
H’ for all the petty things you done hate you for all the…
I forgot whatever I for…
J for orangesJaffa oranges
K for restaurantkafe of restaurant
L for leatherhell for leather
M for sithemphasis
N for a pound, in for a pennyin for pound...
O for a muse of fire Oh for a muse…
P for a pennypee for a penny
Q for everything queue…
R for mo'alf a mo
S for that as for that
T for two tea for two
U for me you for…
V for la France viva la France
W or quitsdouble you or quits
X for breakfasteggs for... breakfast
Y for biscuits wafer biscuits
Z for breezes zephyr breezes


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