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Art and Fiction



Chapter Eight: In the Congo ("NiggerHead")

Chapter eight was in hindsight racist - a parody in racist sterotypes - a slapstick crazy crazy bong bongo congo minstrel show where Chris and yak fly to a pre and post war Congoland and into a black rednecked hinterland where they meet my imagined Watutsis.
         Back in those days Watutsi was a dance. But I'd heard that the "Nilotic" Tutsi people, a tall cattle herding folk, were a sort of conquering aristocracy to the garden-farming Hutus. And historically, Tutsis had slaughtered Hutu people. This I thought I knew… So I had them, the Tutsis as slapstick boasters. I spieled on about their rituals and culture built round cattle (we wise western pothead visionaries, we knew things) and then I have Chris's yak kung fu some awesome zebu beast and in this parody the music was loud aggressive, raucous, and Chris thought this is not where its at, not where the music comes from.

Chapter Nine was a kinder sterotyping...

Chapter Nine